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The Arts Academy Charter Middle School is a tuition-free arts-enriched public middle school, serving students in grades 5-8 . Academic curriculum is enriched by classes in dance, figure skating, theater, music, and visual arts.   All students are given artistic instruction as well as their traditional academic instruction.

The Arts Academy will meet or exceed state academic standards. This will be measured by annual standardized state tests as per state guidelines. Our goal is that every student will succeed in a rigorous academic program.

“We do not teach the arts to create great artists anymore than we teach math to create the next generation of mathematicians or language arts to create the next generation of writers. We teach the arts in our schools to create great people so they are empowered with skills and knowledge to be successful in life...to do great things regardless of the vocational pathway they choose.”

- Robert B. Morrison





Highlights include:
  • Academic teachers are fully certified.
  • Majority of our artistic teaching staff is certified (in programs that have certifications). 
  •  For subjects in which state certifications do not exist, our teachers are highly qualified.
  • Clearance requirement records are carefully monitored.
  • Academic curriculum is infused with an arts focus, and the Art and Academic curricula are integrated with intention.
  • Curriculum for all subjects is closely aligned with state standards.
  • New AACMS students will take benchmark testing (Terra Nova) so that we can monitor academic needs and progress.
  • Algebra 1A in grade 7, and Algebra 1B in grade 8, will prepare students to take the PA Keystone Algebra exam by the time they complete 8th grade.
  • A full year of high school World Language (French or Spanish) is offered during grades 7 and 8. An exploratory year of World Language in 6th grade covers Latin, French, and Spanish.