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Check out what our students, parents, faculty and staff have to say about the Arts Academy Charter Middle School.

“Throughout middle school I intend to be a straight A+ student, study art and learn great things in my lifetime.”
-Annabelle, Fifth Grade Dance and Visual Arts Student

“Pursuing art is something that I love to do because it lets me express myself and it inspires others. Creating things is a passion of mine.”
-Melanie, Sixth Grade Theater Student

“The idea of making a creation that could speak for me without my having to say a word fascinates me.”
-Mary, Eighth Grade Visual Arts Student

“Theater isn’t just an outlet, but a whole world where I can be accepted.”
-Michael, Eighth Grade Theater Student

“I find a certain sort of magic in my drawings, a more expressive feeling, a feeling of wholeness and a calm feeling of serenity.”
-Mason, Fifth Grade Visual Arts Student

“What I now know about art is a thousand times more than I knew two years ago.”
-Jarret, Seventh Grade Visual Arts Student