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Theater Department Overview

Theater class is an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful activities and experiences.  Students will have fun with theater coursework, games, and exercises while making new friends and learning how to be much more independent artists and learners! In every grade, students will have training on movement for the actor, discover how to properly and healthily develop the actor’s voice, and learn and review theater vocabulary and terminology.


In addition, each grade focuses on different units of study designed to build well-rounded theater students. All students are expected to have a notebook and folder specifically for theater class, as they will take notes and receive handouts to aid with homework and exams. Both primary and secondary students cover the same coursework and will have performance opportunities during the school day. Furthermore, all primary theater students are expected to rehearse for and participate in two mandatory evening performances throughout the school year.

6th Grade

·         Fundamentals of Improvisation, Pantomime, & Clowning

·         Choral Speaking

·         Monologues

·         Introduction to Masks

7th Grade

·         Improvisation

·         Characterization & Character Development

·         Fundamentals of Audition Preparation

·         Monologues/Dialogues/Scenes

·         Musical Theatre


8th Grade

·         Short & Long-form Improvisation

·         Audition Skills & Preparation

·         In-depth Character Study & Performance

·         Monologue/Scene Analysis & Performance

·         Monologue/Scene Writing

·         The Business of Theatre

·         Introduction to Shakespeare

·         Acting For The Camera

Students will receive more information concerning supplies, dress code, and other requirements when they receive the Theater Department Code of Conduct during the first week of classes.