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  • AACMS Transportation
    The Arts Academy Charter Middle School has worked diligently with surrounding school districts to ensure that those who are obligated to provide transportation have done so for the 2017-2018 school year. 

    Any school district boundary within ten miles of AACMS’s front door obligates the sending district to transport all district students to AACMS. School Districts that bus to AACMS are: Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, East Penn, Catasauqua, Nazareth, Northampton, Palisades, Parkland, Quakertown, Salisbury, Saucon Valley, Southern Lehigh, Whitehall and Wilson Boro (Northampton Co.).  

    Transportation is now available for students residing in the Pocono/Stroudsburg/Pleasant Valley/Bangor areas for a minimal fee. Please email our Business Office Manager, Amy Reid, using for additional information.

    Families that reside outside of one of our busing districts must provide transportation to and from Arts Academy each day. 

    If you register after the August 1st deadline, transportation is not guaranteed for the first day of school.  We will do our best to make sure that busing will be provided at the earliest time available.

  • Moving
    If you know you will be moving during or before the school year, please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Melinda Clemente, using at your very earliest convenience. In order for your child to receive transportation at your new home. Change of address paperwork must be completed and returned to AACMS, along with proof of residency at the new address. There is at least a 2-3 day turnaround for a student to be placed on a new bus. (Please note, an email with your new address cannot be used to legally change your address.)


  • Bus Policies
    No student will be allowed to ride on any bus to which they are not assigned. Neither AACMS nor Bus drivers are authorized to place any student on a different bus.
    AACMS expects all of their students to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by their home school districts.

  • Inclement Weather
    It is important for students who rely on busing from their home school district to pay close attention to that district’s weather delays or closings. All students should check for AACMS weather delays or closings. It is important to check several times, as AACMS’s closing status can change from a two hour delay to closed if bad weather continues.

    When school districts close due to inclement weather, they will not provide transportation to AACMS in the event that we are open. Parents will have the option of bringing their children to school at their own discretion. In the event of early dismissal, school districts will advise AACMS of the time their buses will be arriving to pick up students. In the event that AACMS has an early dismissal, parents will be contacted by our phone system.  Check WFMZ 69 News for the latest updates on school closings or delays for our school and the school district in which you reside.. 

    If you have questions or concerns regarding your transportation, please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Melinda Clemente, using or at 610-351-0234 ext 511.