E-Learning Day
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E-Learning Day

All AACMS students will have a required e-Day on Thursday, April 13th
 to make up for the extra snow day that the school used.

Students SHOULD NOT report to school on Thursday, April 13th.

What is an e-Day?
An e-Day or “electronic Learning Day” means that students will receive learning activities and assignments provided by the teacher that are to be completed outside the regular school setting.  

What subjects are in an e-Day?
Students will receive learning activities and assignments for Math and English/Literature that can be completed using the internet on the Study Island website or on paper.  

Will the assignments be a part of their grade?
Yes.  The students will get a grade for these two assignments and the grade will be added to their class grade for the 4th quarter.  

What happens if they do not complete the assignments?
If students do not complete the assignments either on Study Island or on paper, they will receive a 0 for the grade and their attendance for this day will not be counted. 

By when must the assignments be done?
The assignments must be completed online or turned in the teachers by Thursday, April 20 in order to get full credit.  The students and families can choose one - the online Study Island assignments or the paper version, but do NOT have to do both online and paper.

How do students access Study Island?
On the internet, students go to www.studyisland.com and login.  Log in using the student's number with an "S" in front (S####) as follows.
username:  S####@arts-cs.org  ("S", the student's number, @arts-cs.org)
password:   S####  ("S", the student's number)

What happens if we do not have computer access or the internet?
Students may access computers at home or at the public library.  Students may choose to do the paper version of the assignments if they tell the teachers before school is over on April 12th.  Teachers will give out paper versions of the same assignments.