Weather Updates

Wintry weather conditions sometimes cause unexpected changes to our school and transportation schedule. As a regional school, AACMS is impacted by weather differently than a traditional public school. This page provides a guide for understanding weather-related schedule changes and determining how your child’s transportation is affected. 

AACMS makes its own determination on when to delay or cancel school. Our decision is based on a variety of factors and is announced as soon as the decision is made. We announce school closings and delays via text and email alerts, Facebook, Instagram, WFMZ alerts, and this website. Please DO NOT assume AACMS is closed until you see an announcement from the school via any of these channels. 

Your child’s bus transportation is provided by your local school district and will operate on their schedule. We highly recommend following your local school district’s weather updates using a service like WFMZ text alerts.

We have included a list of possible weather-related scenarios below for your reference.

Check Early Dismissal Status
If AACMS announces a closing
Your child’s transportation will NOT be running, even if your local school district is open.
Please note: Our cycle day schedule moves with school closings. When school resumes, students should be prepared for the next day of the cycle.
If your local school district announces a 2-Hour Delay:
Your child’s bus will pick them up from their bus stop approximately TWO HOURS later than the normal scheduled time. Your child’s transportation will be delayed, even if AACMS is operating 
on a regular schedule. 
If your local school district announces a closing
Your child’s transportation will NOT be running, even if AACMS is open. It is your decision whether to provide transportation for your child if AACMS is open. 

Please Be Advised: Student absence and tardiness caused by school schedules during inclement weather are recorded as excused. Parents must still supply a signed note explaining the absence to the Main Office within three days of the absence.
If your local school district announces an early dismissal
Your child’s bus transportation will be leaving school early at a time set by the school district. Sometimes buses arrive at AACMS earlier or later than the scheduled dismissal time. AACMS will do its best to distribute updated bus departure times via its website and email alerts. 
If your child travels to school via car
If you or another person provide transportation for your child in your own vehicle, please follow the closing, delay, or early dismissal schedule announced by AACMS. Please note, on a 2-hour delay schedule, AACMS doors open to students at 9:25am.
Early Dismissals
Check Early Dismissal Status
If weather conditions cause local schools to dismiss students early, your child’s departure time from school will depend on the following factors:
  • Your local school district’s announced dismissal time. Each school district sets its own dismissal schedule and informs AACMS shortly thereafter.
  • The actual time your child’s bus arrives at AACMS. School buses may depart before or after the district’s announced dismissal depending on the driver.  
In either case, AACMS cannot control the time your child’s bus will depart from school. To help parents track early dismissals, we distribute updated bus departure times via this website and email notification approximately every 30 minutes until AACMS closes. Please continue to check this page for updates during an early dismissal.