Student Handbook
The Student Handbook outlines procedures and expectations for students and their families in a variety of topics, including attendance, grading, school programs, behavior, and more. It is important for students and families to review this information and become familiar with its contents. 

 Attending Arts Academy Charter Middle School is a choice. By enrolling at AACMS, students and their families acknowledge that following school rules and procedures is an expectation, not a suggestion.

Students and families may view the Student Handbook on this page by using the links below or downloading the full document in PDF format. Student Handbook 2022-2023
If you have questions regarding the Student Handbook, please contact our Dean of Students, Bill Cecchini.
By Phone
(610) 351-0234 ext. 518
Attendance policies and procedures, including definitions, reporting a student absence, and excuse notes.
This section establishes expectations for student behavior during all classes and school activities.
This section establishes expectations for student dress during school hours and school activities.
Information on grading and other procedures for student services.
Important information our the AACMS Special Education Program, including the rights and responsibilities of students and parents.
Expectations for all students when using school-owned computers and other technology.