Attendance Procedures

Arts Academy Charter Middle School believes that consistent attendance is crucial to your child’s successful learning. We also understand the importance of knowing that you entrust AACMS with your child’s care while they are with us. In our effort to keep track of all students at all times, we ask for your cooperation with the procedures outlined on this page.
How to Contact Us
Please contact the Main Office with any attendance questions or to report a student's absence.

By Phone
(610) 351-0234 (Opt. 1)
Parents/guardians MUST report student absences to the Main Office whenever a student misses school without pre-approval. Parents/guardians must notify the school of plannet student absences at least ten (10) days prior to the absence.
Reporting a Student Absence
On days when your child will be absent, please email or call the Main Office before 9:30am. In your message, please include your child’s first and last name, grade level, and the reason for their absence. Your child will be marked as Absent Unexcused until the school receives an absentee note.

Parents/guardians who do not notify AACMS of their child's absence will receive an automated phone call informing them that their student is not in school.

Within 3 days of your child’s return to school, send in a written note which includes your child’s name, date(s) of absence(s), and reason. Without this note, your child’s absence will remain “unexcused”. If your child was seen by a Doctor, submit the doctor’s note with-in 3 days of their return.
Requesting Planned Absences
Parents/guardians must request pre-approval for any planned student absence, including those due to pre-professional or professional performance, auditions, or family vacations. Pre-Approved Absence Forms can be obtained online or at the AACMS Main Office. 

Absence Excuse Template

Pre-Approved Absence Form
Late Arrivals & Early Dismissals
If your child will arrive to school late or depart early due to a medical appointment, please provide a note from your healthcare provider explaining the nature of the visit.
Early Student Pickup
Please provide a signed note to the Main Office no later than the morning of the early pick-up including the student’s full name, grade level, time of dismissal, and reason for the early pick-up. Students should send these notes to the Main Office during morning homeroom.

At the designated time, please visit the AACMS Main Office window to complete the sign-out process. Main Office staff will call the classroom for the child upon parent/guardian arrival.  

In an emergency situation, parents/guardians may call the school to request an early student pick-up. A signed note explaining the reason for the pick-up must be submitted to school upon the student’s return.

Tardy Student Procedure
Please email the Main Office with your child's first and last name, the date, and the reason your child will be late to school.

Students who arrive at school after the start of classes at 7:50am must enter at the main entrance and check in with the Main Office before reporting to class.

Parents/guardians must submit a signed note explaining the reason for the student’s lateness upon their arrival to school.  If you child is late due to a doctor's visit, please provide a doctor's note.

Students must arrive at school no later than 10:20am to be eligible for participation in that day’s after-school activities and/or performances.
Truancy Policies & Procedures
A student shall be considered truant after they have accrued 3 unexcused absences. Once a student is considered truant, the school will schedule a Truancy Improvement Plan meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to identify the cause(s) of the unexcused absences and create a plan to improve attendance. For more information on the Arts Academy Charter School’s Truancy, refer to Policy 2.4.2 on the school’s website.
Virtual Learning Attendance Procedures
This page, and the video below, describe how AACMS will track Virtual Learning attendance during the 2020-2021 school year.  Please take a few moments to review this important information now.
During the Virtual Learning period, students are required to attend a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. In order for a student to be marked “Present” for a school day, that student must be marked “Present” for at least 5 out of the 6 assigned class periods during the day. Attendance will be taken during each class period. Below explains how attendance is taken for Synchronous and Asynchronous learning periods.

To be marked present during a SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING ACTIVITY, a student must:
  • Be physically present for the entire 50 minute period.
  • Successfully complete and submit an attendance activity.

To be marked present during an ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING ACTIVITY, a student must:
  • Successfully access the learning material (documented by Schoology and/or Microsoft applications).
  • Successfully complete and submit assigned class material in a timely manner (defined by the assigning teacher).
  • Successfully complete and submit an attendance activity.
Attendance Definitions
This section provides definitions for terms used in the attendance procedures listed above.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Main Office.
Asynchronous learning happens on the student’s own time schedule.  While the course of study or teacher provides materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments for completing, and exams for evaluation, the student is able to access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame.

Synchronous learning is the kind of learning that happens in real time virtually.  This means that the student, their classmates, and the teacher interact in a specific virtual place, through a specific online medium, at a specific time.
The total number of absences, excused and unexcused, that a student accumulates throughout the school year
The following are considered excused absences:
  • Any absence from school for which a student has submitted a preapproved absence form and has been given permission from school administration to miss school
  • Any absence in which a student submits an absence note within three days of their return to school
  • After 10 excused absences, a student MUST submit a doctor’s note or other approved documentation.  A parent note will no longer excuse the absence(s)
Examples of Excusable Absences
  • Illness verified by a physician's note submitted within three days of a student's return. Any absence in which a physician's note is submitted is not included in the seven days permitted for parental excuses in middle and high school. 
  • Death in the family from date of death until two days after the funeral unless otherwise authorized by the building principal, supported by a parent note 
  • Proof of required court appearance 
  • Religious holidays 
  • School Sponsored activities
The following are considered unexcused absences:
  • Any absence for which a written excuse is not submitted within three days of a student’s return to school. 
  • Any absence not excused by a physician’s note after 10 absences verified by parental excuses