Student Assistance Program (SAP)
SAP is a mandated program in the state of Pennsylvania. SAP was created to help parents and students remove barriers to learning. SAP works together to help students achieve, remain in school, and advance. SAP involves a team of professionals who have all been trained in the process of SAP. The SAP team works to identify student issues, intervene if possible/necessary, and help students and parents access resources that may be necessary for the success of the student. 

SAP referral boxes and forms are centrally located and easily accessible on each floor of the school.  Make a SAP Report Online
The AACMS SAP Coordinator is Andrea Angstadt.  She can be reached at

  • A team who diagnoses a student.
  • A treatment or a referral for treatment.
  • A team that provides emergency or immediate assistance
If you believe that someone is in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others, or being hurt physically or emotionally by someone, please contact Lehigh County Crisis Intervention at 610-782-3127 or Northampton County Crisis Intervention at 610-252-9060. Call 911 for immediate action, or go to the nearest emergency room.  

SAP Process
After a student is referred, the team gathers specific information about the student’s academic performance, disciplinary record, and attendance. The team will also record observable behaviors of the student noted from the school’s professional staff.

If any or all of this information suggests that a barrier to learning is happening, the team or case manager for the student, will contact the parent and the student. If the student and a parent provide consent, the team will work with them to access the help and support that is necessary to overcome the barriers.

SAP Team Members
Our current SAP Team members include a mix of school administrators, staff members, and teachers.
  • Andrea Angstadt, SAP Coordinator & Director of Wellness
  • Elaine Hersh, Chief Academic Officer
  • William Cecchini, Principal
  • Amy Reid, Registrar & Business Manager
  • Emily Biedka, English Language Arts Teacher
  • Megan Schweyer, Teacher