Newsletter: Virtual Learners' Tooklit
Welcome to Ms. Stachina's bi-weekly newsletter, Virtual Learners' Toolkit, sharing resources to help you and your child adapt to virtual learning this school year.  

Friday, April 16

This week, we focus on how taking breaks during the school day can aid in our daily self-care, we celebrate the National Day of Silence, and we remember to honor earth day on April 22nd!

The Benefits of Breaks
GLSEN National Day of Silence
Earth Day is April 22nd

Friday, March 12

This week, we focus on how gratitude can aid in our daily self-care. We also focus on International Women’s Day, and Women’s History Month!

Things You Didn’t Know About How Women Got the Right to Vote
The Reason Why March 8th Is International Women’s Day

Friday, February 26

This week, we focus on prioritizing your mental and physical health, fun movies for middle schoolers to enjoy on a mental health day, and we continue to celebrate Black History Month!

Mental Health Matters Just as Much as Physical Health
The 27 Best Movies for Tweens
Remembering Resistance

Friday, February 12

This week, we focus on staying safe and healthy when returning to hybrid in person learning, and black history month! 

Hybrid/ In Person Learning
Meghan Markle Surprises Poetry Class Honoring Black History Month
Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity @Starbucks

Friday, January 15

This week, as 1st semester is coming to a close; we focus on study and learning skills, organization, and we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. as other students help his legacy to live on!

See the resource links below

Study and Learning Skills for Virtual Classes
Organization Skills
Living His Dream

Friday, December 11

This week we focus on relaxation activities we can do in and out of the virtual class room, mindful breathing, and just for fun….December 9th was National Llama Day! 

Relaxation Activities
Mindful Breathing
December 9 was National Llama Day

Friday, November 20

Since we are coming up on our Thanksgiving break, this week we focus on Thanksgiving itself, gratitude, and ways to limit our digital intake while home with our families! See the resource links below to learn more.

Gratitude Exercises and Activities
Digital Life 101
Dozing After Thanksgiving? Don’t Blame the Bird

Friday, November 6

This week we focus on our nutrition, healthy eating habits, and ways to make good choices in and out of the classroom!  See the resource links below!

Nutritious Easy
Healthy Habits
Making Good Choices

Friday, October 23, 2020

This week we focus on our emotions, people who utilized their emotions in a positive way to foster courage and perseverance, and ways to maintain self-control in the virtual and in person class room.
See the resource links below

My Emotional Cup
Courage and Perseverance
Mitigate Those Trying Situations With These Cooling Down Strategies

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Friday, October 9, 2020

This week we focus on what stress is and how to create a toolbox for self care, and to utilize coping skills in order to give yourself what you need to feel your best mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

See the resource links below to help you come up with a self-care tool box and to learn how to manage your stress effectively.

Self Care Activities (Handouts)
Dealing with Stress and Strong Emotions

Note: The materials above are not created or hosted by AACMS.

Friday, September 25

No doubt, the times we are living in are quite challenging. Today’s students are balancing many things, especially when they are learning virtually. Time management, active participation in classes, and the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom can be difficult. 

This week we focus on being on time for your live virtual classes, procrastination, and mindful breathing. Mindful breathing may be something you would like to do when you wake up in the morning to start your day strong or to balance out your day. 

See the resource links below to help you start your virtual school days strong and to end them on a positive note.

Being on Time
Procrastination and Homework
Mindful Breathing