Eighth Grade Overview
Eighth grade students receive 150 minutes of artistic instruction focused in their Primary Arts selection only. Students also participate in Common Core academic courses in mathematics, science, English language arts, social studies, world language, and physical education, as well as a daily study hall.
Daily Schedule
Eighth grade students participate in their arts classes for the first three class periods of each school day, followed by a study hall period and lunch. After lunch, students spend the remainder of the school day focusing on their academic studies.  
Arts Instruction
Our eighth grade students focus their artistic study on only one discipline. Long class periods—two and a half hours each day—give students the time to study more advanced skills and techniques, explore the historical and cultural significance of their art, learn to analyze and evaluate their own work and that of others, and identify connections between their art, their academic study, and their everyday lives. Each eighth grade arts course also includes an audition preparation or portfolio development program, preparing students for further artistic study in high school and beyond.

Community Showcases & Performances
As some of the most experienced artists in our school, our eighth grade students are often called upon to showcase their talents in the community. Our students have performed at local festivals and events, retirement communities, shopping centers, and other community venues. These opportunities are offered in addition to each arts discipline’s regular schedule of student showcases.  
Academic Courses
Our seventh grade academic curriculum is aligned to Pennsylvania Common Core academic standards and taught by fully-certified teachers.
Scheduled four days every six-day cycle.

Students explore a variety of topics in life sciences, including ecosystem interaction, environmental health, cell structure and function, plants, biodiversity, and water. The course also provides a basic introduction to genetics and heredity.  
Social Studies
cheduled three days each six-day cycle.

Students will explore topics in geography and world cultures, with special emphasis on geographical landorms, current global issues, and historical trends from ancient times to today.
Scheduled each school day.

Seventh grade mathematics class introductes algebraic concepts, requiring mastery of operation skills learned in prior years. Students also develop skills in ratios and proportions, gromertry and data analysis.  
World Language
Scheduled three days each six-day cycle.

World Language courses provide students with a comprehensive introduction to a new language as well as the culture of its native speakers. Designed for beginning students, the course focuses on basic vocabulary, grammar, and speech for everyday conversation. AACMS currently offers classes in Spanish to seventh and eighth grade students.  
Health & Physical Education
Scheduled two days each six-day cycle.

The Health & Physical Education program introducted students to new games and strategies, in turn building students’ confidence in their athletic abilities. During the winter months, students take part in Health Education classes, which focuses on substance abuse prevention.
English Language Arts
Scheduled each school day.

This course addresses reading, writing, literary analysis, grammar, vocabulary acquisition, and speaking andlistening skills in a scaffolded instruction framework that uses increasingly more complex texts.