Artistic Instruction
AACMS offers instruction in seven artistic disciplines, with classes designed and led by passionate teachers who are also experienced performers.  Through consistent instruction and practice, our students develop the fundamental skills they need to grow and flourish as artists regardless of their area of interest.
A comprehensive program offering classes in a variety of styles as well as dance history and dance in other cultures.
Our Figure Skating program is open to beginning and experienced skaters.
Instruction for students who play band and orchestra instruments as well as guitar and piano keyboard.
An exploration of topics in creative writing and journalism, including a students newspaper and literary magazine.
An overview of theater skills including pantomime, clowning, scene characterization, scene study, monologues, and more.
A study of basic drawing technique leads to work in painting, sculpture, photography, and other visual media.
An ensemble-focused program with opportunities for solo and small group performance throughout the school year.
Selecting Which Artistic Discipline to Study at AACMS
Selecting an appropriate arts focus is a critical part of the application and enrollment process for new students. Applicants should consider the following when making this important decision:
The Primary Arts Focus should be the student’s greatest artistic interest and, ideally, a field with which he or she has some prior experience or instruction. Students will actively participate in this art form more than any other subject, so careful thought and consideration should be put into this selection.
The Secondary Arts Focus should be a field the student is comfortable studying throughout the school year. Prior experience is not required, but genuine interest and a strong desire to learn are a must.
The Third Choice Art is used as a back-up in case either of the student’s other selections are unavailable. As such, we suggest selecting an art form the student would be interested in studying for a full school year.  
Student Showcases
AACMS students perform and exhibit their talents and skills throughout the school year. Each artistic discipline hosts at least one major student showcase each year, many offering two or more events annually. Our students also perform in a variety of community venues and in school events like Coffeehouse Nights.  

For more information, please see our Events Calendar.