Sixth Grade Overview
Our Sixth Grade program is designed to bridge the gap between the elementary and secondary grades. Students take their academic classes with their homeroom group and separate into different groups for artistic instruction.  

Students receive 100 minutes of artistic instruction each day, rotating between their Primary and Secondary Arts classes. Common Core academic courses include mathematics, science, physical education, and humanities—a combination of English language arts and social studies.
Daily Schedule
Students meet for academic classes during periods 1 through 3. After their lunch period, students move to their arts classes for two periods midday. The school day concludes with another three periods of academic classes.
Artistic Instruction
Sixth grade students participate in two different arts classes, a Primary Art and a Secondary Art. Students are scheduled for their arts classes based on the selections made on their application and during their New Student Interview. Once enrolled, students may not change their arts selections until the following school year.  

Primary Arts Focus
Primary Arts classes meet four times each six-day cycle. Students focus on their main area of interest in the arts, developing fundamental techniques and preparing for at least one major public showcase each year. This should be the student’s greatest artistic interest and, ideally, a field with which he or she has some prior experience or instruction. Students will actively participate in this art form more than any other subject, so careful thought and consideration should be put into this selection.
Secondary Arts Focus
Secondary Arts classes meet twice each six-day cycle. These classes introduce students to the basic vocabulary and foundational skills needed for success in the art form. Prior experience or study is not required, but genuine interest and a strong desire to learn are a must. Students may also prepare for a public showcase during the school year at the instructor’s discretion.
Academic Classes
Our sixth grade academic curriculum is aligned to Pennsylvania Common Core academic standards and taught by fully-certified teachers.
Scheduled each day of school.

The Humanities block combines reading, writing, and social studies lessons into one multi-period class. Reading focuses on strengthening reading skills, critical thinking, and analysis of literature. Writing class includes an examination of the writing process, vocabulary, and grammar. In social studies, students investigate ancient civilizations and current events.  
Scheduled each day of school

This active, inquiry-based course covers science and technology, forces and energy, and sound and light. Students apply these concepts through a variety of activities and projects throughout the year. One highlight of the course is the annual TrashArt Project, which requires students to create original artwork out of discarded materials. 
Health & Physical Education
Scheduled two days per six-day school cycle

The Health & Physical Education program introduced students to new games and strategies, in turn building students’ confidence in their athletic abilities. Physical Education courses are held outdoors, weather permitting, with Health classes held indoor during the winter months.
Scheduled each day of school.

Students will strengthen skills in decimals and fractions while learning more in-depth concepts with negative numbers, ratios, percent, geometry, algebra, and data analysis. Students will apply learned concepts to solve real life problems.