School Supply Lists - Sixth Grade
This page lists the necessary school supplies for sixth grade AACMS students at the beginning of the school year. Additional supplies may be necessary during the school year. Students and families are responsible for replenishing and/or replacing materials throughout the school year. 

All AACMS Students


Proper dance attire:

Attire for Females:

  • Black leotard
  • Pink and tan transition/convertible tight 
  • Pink ballet slippers, canvas or leather 
  • Black transition/convertible tights (optional) Black jazz shoes, slip on or lace up
  • Cover-up (lightweight robe, oversized t-shirt, etc.)
  • Black tap shoes (7th and 8th grade only)

Attire for Males:

  • White or black short sleeve shirt Black dance pants Black ballet slippers
  • Black jazz shoes, slip on or lace up Black tap shoes (7th and 8th grade only)


Each student is expected to provide his/her own instrument.  Contact the Instrumental Music faculty with any questions or  concerns.

Metronome (App or physical unit) 
Tuner (App or physical unit)
Method Book Assigned by Instructor
Books will be assigned in the first month of school.

Additional materials as assigned
Each instrument requires different necessary equipment. A list of required and suggested materials will be provided in the first week of school along with a list of local music retailers.

Concert Attire (for January & May performances)
Black dress shirt and black dress pants. Black dress shoes.  Ladies may wear a black skirt or dress as long as it is at least knee length.  Ties are optional.

Instrumental Supplies & Retailers List

Lined 1-Subject Notebook - 1
2-Picket Folder - 1
USB Flash Drive - 1
Lined Filler Paper – 1 package
Pens or Pencils
1-ing 3 Ring Binder
Two-Pocket Folder 
Glue Stick
Woodless Pencil Set  (Link)
Plastic Erasers (Link)
Cardboard art folio (approx. 23” x 26”) (Link)
Pencil Case (Link)
8.5x11" Hardbound Sketchbook (Link)
1-inch 3 Ring Binder with 5 Dividers
Concert Attire for January & May Performances
Any combination of black and gold (January)
Any combination of black and pastel colors (May) Black dress shoes.
Ladies may wear a black skirt or dress as long as it is at least knee length.
Ties are optional.
Multiple packs of #2 Pencils & Erasers

2 - Glue Sticks

Washable Felt Markers or Colored Pencils
Pencil Case
2+ packages Lined Paper
1  Ruler
1  Pencil Sharpener
3  Highlighter Pens
3x5 Post-It Notes
3 Folders  (Science, Math, Humanities)
1 -  2" Binder 
1 pack of subject dividers for humanities binder
1 USB Flash Drive 8+ GB (for working on papers/projects at home especially if WiFi is not available or reliable)
1 -  2" Binder 
1 - Scientific Calculator – (Texas Instrument TI- 30XIIS)
1 packet of graph paper 
1  Lined– 1 subject notebook (may need replaced once or twice during the year)
1+ Box of Kleenex tissues
1+ Clorox wipes 
3 extra masks for your child (plus the one they wear) labeled with your child’s first and last name and placed into a sealed Ziplock bag.  The bag also needs to have your child’s first and last name on it.
Please contact your child's teacher or the AACMS Main Office with any questions about these school supply lists.