New Student Interviews
Each applicant to AACMS must complete a New Student Interview as part of the admissions process. Students will be contacted via email with their assigned date and time for their interview.

All New Student Interviews will be conducted in-person.  If you would like to request a virtual interview, please email us at  You will be contacted to set up a date outside of the in-person interviews.

Interviews are evaluated using a 10-point scoring rubric. The student’s artistic demonstration, artistic potential, and interest and enthusiasm will be considered on the rubric. Comments from parents/guardians are not considered on the rubric. 

Scheduling Online Interviews
One of the AACMS arts teachers will contact parents/guardians by email to schedule the Online Interview. Please be sure to check the email address you provided on the application regularly for updates on the interview process.  

Please allow about 15-20 minutes to complete the entire Online Interview meeting.  A parent/guardian MUST participate in the online meeting along with the applicant.

AACMS will use Zoom Cloud Meetings to conduct the Online Interview. Parents/guardians will receive an invitation to the meeting via email and should access the meeting using an Internet-enabled device with a camera. For the best results, we strongly suggest joining the meeting with a desktop or laptop computer if one is available.  

What to Expect During the Interview
(Required for all prospective candidates)

The Interview will consist of the following steps:

Discussion of artistic background and/or interest.
Please expect an interview for your first and second choices. If you wish to have additional interviews for other art forms, please inform us when you arrive.
• All students interviewing for 5th grade may have a parent/guardian present during the interview.
• All students interviewing for 6th, 7th and 8th grade will not have a parent/guardian present during the interview.

Please allow at least 45 minutes for the entire interview process.

The prospective student will meet with staff for an interview of approximately 15 minutes in length. The student will be asked to describe his or her interest in one or more artistic area. While a prepared interview presentation is requested, due to the age of the students, even a simple presentation of one or more art forms may suffice. The essential element we seek is a passion for the arts on the part of the student.
• The parents of 5th grade students are welcome to accompany their child during the interview process.
• The parents of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will be escorted to the waiting rooms to continue the interview process.

Students will be evaluated on a 10 point matrix. A student's level of interest and enthusiasm for the arts will be noted. The points will only be used in the event that we are over-enrolled in a particular grade or artistic area.
Each student interviewing is required to provide the Interviewer with a 1-2 minute talent demonstration (variety of methods accepted including portfolio, video, live, etc.)

2. Artistic Interview  
Please read below the requirements for each Art Focus. 

For Performing Arts Applicants
Dance, Figure Skating, Instrumental Music, Theater and Vocal Music

During the Interview, the applicant should be prepared to give a 1-2 minute demonstration of his/her talents and skills in the primary art focus selected on the application.  

Download Requirements

Optional: The applicant may send a link to an existing video of a recent performance to the arts teachers during the Online Interview. Please have the URL (web address) of this video ready before your interview.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute solo dance. Your solo may be in any style, and may be taught to you by another dancer or teacher or choreographed yourself. 

Applicants for the Figure Skating program will meet with the Figure Skating Coach via an online meeting and discuss their interest in skating and any prior experience, if applicable. Videos of prior performances are welcome but not required. 

Please prepare a 1-2 minute solo performed on your primary instrument, preferably a short piece or exercise from your method book you have learned recently. Students should also be prepared to sight-read a short musical passage during the Interview meeting.

Guitar Interviews - Guitar students should arrive with their instruments.
Keyboarding Interviews - Keyboards will be available during interviews.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute solo performance. A monologue is recommended, and your performance may include singing and/or dancing if desired. Resumes and/or digital portfolios will also be accepted.  Click here for suggested monologues.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute solo in a style of your choice. The song should be one you have already learned and sing well. Students should also be prepared to sight-sing a simple piece of music during the Interview meeting.

For Literary & Media Arts and Visual Arts Applicants
Applicants for the Literary & Media Arts and Visual Arts programs are asked to provide samples of their work prior to the Interview. Specific requirements for these applicants are listed below. Please note we will not keep copies of your art samples after the interview process is completed.  

Download Requirements
Submit Samples


Please submit photos of one to two pieces of artwork you have created within the last year. Ideally, these will be projects completed on your own time rather than at school. Work can include anything from doodles in a sketchbook to digital animations. Be prepared to discuss your artwork with the Visual Arts teacher during the Interview meeting. 

Please submit one to two samples of your original writing, which can be typed or handwritten. Please be prepared to discuss your original writing with the Literary & Media Arts faculty during the Interview meeting. 
After the Interview
AACMS will send Admissions Decision letters to parents/guardians via email according to the schedule outlined on our Admissions Process page. Applicants will receive one of three results: Accepted, Waitlisted, or Not Accepted. Parents/guardians of accepted students must confirm their enrollment with AACMS upon receiving this letter.  
Questions or Concerns
If you have any questions about the application, interview, or enrollment process, please contact us!
(610) 351-0234 ext. 512