Figure Skating
The Arts Academy Charter Middle School Figure Skating Department believes each of our student figure skaters deserves a rewarding learning experience regardless of their level of skating training. Beginners and accomplished skaters alike develop a passion for figure skating through high-quality instructional activities both on and off the ice.  

Prior experience is not required for participation in our Figure Skating program. Our curriculum balances off-ice and on-ice instruction, including off-ice strength, conditioning, stretch, and jump classes. On-ice training is tailored to students according to skill level as outlined by United States Figure Skating, the national governing body for skating in the US.  

Students travel from the AACMS campus to Steel Ice Center in Bethlehem for skating instruction each day. AACMS provides this transportation at no cost to students and families. Instruction is led by a team of experienced, professional figure skating coaches. We try to instill in our students an important life lesson: when you fall, get up and try again!
All students in every grade participate in off-ice warm-ups exercises to prepare to skate each day. 
Sixth & Seventh Grade
Sixth and seventh grade skaters’ study basic skating terminology and practice fundamental techniques in edge control, turns, jumps, and spins. Students will also learn choreography and participate in group numbers during performances.  

Primary Figure Skating students participate in skating instruction at least four days each six-day school cycle. These students may also choose to focus only on Figure Skating instead of taking a Secondary Arts class. Secondary Arts Figure Skaters take skating classes twice each six-day cycle.  
Fifth Grade
Beginner Skaters participate in Figure Skating Workshop once each six-day cycle. Students follow the Learn to Skate USA program, designed by United States Figure Skating. More accomplished Skaters are able to skate two days in each six-day cycle. Students will continue to progress through the levels of the United States Figure Skating program.
Eighth Grade
Eighth grade skaters will continue to learn skills appropriate for their experience level. In addition to group performances, each student learns a solo program to be performed during the annual Figure Skating Showcase in May.
Showcase Opportunities
All Figure Skating students perform during the annual Figure Skating Showcase, held in May each year. AACMS skaters may also appear in exhibitions at Steel Ice Center and the PPL Center in Allentown.